Hidden Costs Home Sellers Face In Hamilton

Are you thinking about listing your home in Hamilton on the market? It’s important to think about many hidden costs you might not have considered beforehand. You may be shocked to discover how many extra fees there are when selling your house on the market.

It’s not quite as simple as just phoning a real estate agent and having the house listed and sold right away. When you sell your house traditionally like this, there are many expenses involved that you may not have foreseen. Here are some of these expenses, not even including realtor commissions and closing costs.

Costs of Cleaning

To make your home look as presentable as possible for potential buyers, you have to put a lot of money and work into cleaning. You may even need to hire professional cleaners for the interior and exterior. Even after you’ve had this work done and paid for, you’ll need to maintain the house yourself for multiple showings to potential buyers. These showings are sometimes on very short notice, which can be inconvenient.

Staging Costs

Houses that have been staged well perform much better on the market. Buyers are naturally more attracted to homes that feel warm and inviting that they can imagine themselves living in. Whether you invest in some new decoration yourself or hire a professional interior designer to stage the house, it will cost you extra money out of your pocket.

Storage Costs

When listing your house on the market, you will often need to rent a storage unit to get rid of clutter for showings and open houses. A clean, well-organized house will be more appealing to potential buyers. As a result, you may consider renting a storage unit. But once again, this is another expense when you list your house that you may not have considered.

Extra Marketing

A basic listing without much marketing will not help your house stand out from the pack. This means when you choose to list your house with a realtor, you may end up paying extra money out of your pocket for professional marketing, advertising and photography in order to attract potential buyers.

Realtor Reimbursements

Although realtors typically work for a flat commission fee, sometimes they may require reimbursement. Some realtors will bill you for open house costs, minor repairs and staging. Sometimes, you may find yourself owing your real estate agent more money than you had anticipated when the sale of your house is finalized.

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